Are you really Mary Jane

Being Mary Jane has become one of the talked about television shows in 2014. This show features Gabrielle Union now Wade as a successful single woman who provides for her family while feeling empty because she does not have a man. Wow, episode 1 and 2 was riveting and kept me in suspense of what was going to happen next. All to often women find themselves compromising and going against their true values in the name of love. We find ourselves going against everything we believe in for a one night stand or the thought of being excited in bed. We open up our homes, our hearts and our legs for someone who has no intentions on giving us anything in return. Wait there are some things we tend to get in return for giving all we have to someone; we get a wet bed, a dry bank account and a broken heart. Whose fault is it anyway when we find ourselves left alone and ashamed? It’s ours of course. No one puts a gun to our head and force us to “FALL” in love with a nobody. I mean a nobody that happens to be somebody else’s. Are you really Mary Jane? Do you really want to be left broken-hearted and ashamed? Do you believe you deserve better? Well stop settling for less and “take your M.A.N. back.” this is a book I’ve published for women who are struggling with mistakes and hurt from their past. You can survive and thrive. It’s time to live.