Dove’s Eyes

In this season you may have heard throughout Christendom that 2015 is the season of expectation and favor times 3.  We are believing God to do the miraculous in our lives and our ministries.  We are overwhelmed with excitement and believe nothing will be able to stop us. Right when we think all is well and we are on our way to where God would have us to be, we encounter closed doors after closed doors.  We get a bad report from the doctor and our children begin to act up.  In this season those whom you thought would be by your side have turned and walked away from you.  Those you thought would be your greatest supporters don’t even say congratulations; they don’t even mention your name.  You feel alone and begin to question, “is this really the season of expectation, is God really going to do what he promised this time?”  Questions of doubt rolls over and over in your mind  as you fight away the feeling to give up and call it quits.  Today my friend, God interrupted my day to tell you, what He has promised will surely come to pass.  I pray that God gives you Dove’s Eyes.  No more distractions and no more doubts, keep your eyes and heart focused on what God promised you and watch God bring it to pass.  With or without them…Be blessed

“There is a remnant God has assigned to assist you with the vision”

U ChANge