Do you really want to be famous?

The question is, “do you REALLY want to be famous?”  Before you answer this question, lets consider the life of famous people.  The first person I would like to mention is Michael Jackson.

O’ my Lord, how people praised and adored him.  He was one of the most talked about little boys from the Jackson 5.  The world was looking at this family in awe and adoration.  People even ignored the personal things that were going on inside his home and life for the sake of creating a star.  This young boy lived his life to please his family and the world as he knew it.  I mean he even went to the extent of changing his outward appearance to cover up the inward pain.  He spent an unknown amount of money to change his external only to realize that the pain he would face from the people that once praise him would be unbearable.  This young boy that people from around the world once praised, became a man that people wanted to destroy.

Do you really want to be famous.  I mean, Michael had a hard time finding someone who would love him for him and not for what they could get.  The burden of being famous caused this man’s death.  You don’t believe it?

Look at Bobbi Kristina.  This poor child is clinging to life and people are still speaking negative about her.  You want to be famous?  Do you want to spend the rest of your life trying to entertain people who will praise you one minute and yell “crucify him/her” the next. This innocent child who happened to be born to a mother and father that were famous.  I heard someone say, “she didn’t have a chance from birth.”  She meaning Bobbi Kristina.  Why didn’t she have a chance?  She didn’t have a chance because the timing of her birth was during the fall of her parents.  You know her parents, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Two individuals who never once portrayed themselves as being perfect.  They were two individuals who fell in love and got caught up in a life of drugs.  You know her parents. I mean they are in our families and live in our neighborhoods.  The only difference is everybody knows their names.  Do you really want to be famous.  They had no privacy always trying to hide from paparazzi.  When you are famous you have people who genuinely love you and then you have those that are trying to find something wrong with you.  When you are famous, people like the idea of you but not the real you.  They like the actor you, the singer you, the author you, the football player you and the basketball player you, but when they find the you that’s just like them, they can’t deal with it.  After all, being famous places standards on you that your gifting or talent will never be able to reach.  Underneath all the talent and everybody knowing your name, you still have to deal with the pains of life that no one would ever understand.  They won’t understand because in their minds being famous comes with a lot of money and money is power and power should bring happiness.

Do you really want to be famous?  Do you want to live with no privacy? Consider this:The paparazzi is there even when you don’t want them to be.  I mean they are at funerals, hospitals, courtrooms and lurking in your back yard.

Do you really want to be famous?  Before you answer this question please consider your entire life being uncovered.  I mean children who don’t love you, family members that’s waiting to tell the family secrets as soon as they get an opportunity.  Bobbi Kristina is in the hospital fighting for her life and the family just lost her mother from a senseless death and people continue to speak negative about her, her mother and her father.  I can only imagine the pain that Bobby Brown is dealing with.  He has to cope with the mistakes from his past.  Living a changed life while trying to escape the pain of his past.  When you are famous it’s hard to move on.  It appears as if once you mess up there’s no redemption.

Can you stand to be famous?

People if you want to be famous, can you practice now how you would want someone to treatment you and respect the fact that no one is saying they’re perfect.  Famous people are simply saying, “I have a gift.”  Please respect the humanness of the people we see on television and before you utter a negative word, remember they are human too.

I want to be famous….And I’m so grateful that my forgiveness doesn’t rest in the hands of men….

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound..



One thought on “Do you really want to be famous?

  1. Great thought and definitely a very debatable topic. Somethings really depend on mindset. My thoughts are that everyone should want to be rich and famous. The process of achieving that adds a lot of value to many people’s lives. However, you got to pay the price for everything you achieve in many many ways.

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