In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daring Do.”

How I rescued my friend out of a drug infested house.  My friend has history of addiction and one day she relapsed.  One of her children called me to inform me that their mother was in a drug house and would not come out.  myself and another friend went to the house where our friend was and demanded that the drug dealer let her out of the house.  I know this was a dangerous situation but my friend and her children were at stake.  My friend had lost years being away from her children due to her addiction and she was finally reunited with them and I wasn’t about to let one night of weakness cause her to lose her family again.  My friend came out of the drug house, went back home with her children and she has been free from drugs ever since and it has been 8 years. A little sacrifice can change someone’s life. Daring Do!!!